Public Relations is more than just pitching and placing stories in the media. Public Relations is about identifying a target audience, surrounding them with key messaging and a clear call to action, and then measuring the impact of those efforts.

To do so, KCSA Cannabis operates under the P. E. E. S. O. principle:

Paid - This does not mean traditional advertising, rather it means social promotion, paid posts and light capital SEM.

Experiential - How we put our clients in positions to allow their target audiences to feel, taste, and touch your products and your brand (sometimes literally and sometimes figuratively).

Earned Media - This is the basic currency of public relations; securing positive stories in all types of media including traditional newspapers and magazines, broadcast, online blogs and other vehicles. This is the core currency of what we do and we do it really well.

Shared - This is social media. Beyond Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube, this is the philosophy of content creation to be shared through owned social channels as well as community engagement and management.

Owned - This is the content created and housed on our clients’ websites; the content needed to draw an audience to a site and keep them there.

When we put together a holistic communications plan for our clients we think in these terms. While we don't always execute on all components of a P.E.E.S.O. program, we do consider each of these components when crafting our programs.