Our Investor Relations team has unique and valuable experience in the nascent cannabis industry which can assist companies and entrepreneurial minds to achieve their stated goals. We perform an in-depth analysis of current company efforts and evaluate this against KCSA's defined best practices, to ensure management teams are communicating an effective and compelling message to Wall Street. KCSA will work as your partner, providing management with strategic counsel and training on public company communications which will help position your Company to achieve the highest valuation.

Investment Community Outreach

KCSA Cannabis has an extensive network of investment bankers, retail brokers, institutional investors, hedge funds, sell-side analysts and family offices that have been cultivated from years of working with Wall Street. We recommend management teams conduct regularly scheduled roadshows throughout the year to help educate the investment community on the Company's value proposition, as well as to gain an understanding of how the Company is viewed amongst potential and current shareholders.

Conference Participation

KCSA Cannabis will work with management to determine which investor and industry conferences are most appropriate and cost effective to attend. We will also work diligently with conference organizers to position executives for possible panel slots to promote additional awareness for management and the Company. KCSA Cannabis also hosts a bi-annual Cannabis Virtual Investor Conference, in partnership with PR Newswire, which draws a significant retail and institutional investor audience.

Quarterly Results Communications

KCSA Cannabis supports its clients through the quarterly earnings process, providing strategic counsel to help shape effective company messaging to create a narrative that tells a compelling story, sets expectations for the achievement of product and/ or regulatory milestones, and provides other corporate updates of importance to investors. Our earnings related support services include research to determine industry trends and themes; scripting and review of earnings releases, conference call scripts and Q&A documents; rehearsal feedback and support, to prepare management for the quarterly call; mechanics and logistics, coordinating the call's timing, vendors and in-call logistics; and follow-up, soliciting feedback from call participants to provide management with feedback to help improve future calls.

Press Release Consultation

KCSA Cannabis believes that client news affects a broad audience of investors, clients, business partners and employees, and we work with our clients to ensure that their communications program reflects these diverse audiences. We help our clients to establish consistent communications with the market, delivering meaningful updates to investors, including on matters such as new customers, new products or new states gaining approval and coming online for medicinal and/or adult cannabis use. KCSA Cannabis is involved in the crafting of its clients' IR-related press releases, and works in lock step with clients to create press releases that highlight their value proposition across the cannabis industry supply chain.

Corporate Presentation

KCSA Cannabis considers a company's corporate presentation to be one of its most valuable marketing tools, and works with its clients to create a professional deck that clearly defines the investment proposition in language that investors can understand. These decks are used by management when giving company presentations at cannabis conferences as well as to guide the conversation in one-on-one investor meetings (either at conferences or on roadshows). They are also a useful tool for retail shareholders to better understand the Company's strategy.

Corporate Fact Sheet

KCSA Cannabis develops one-two page fact sheets for each of its cannabis clients. These fact sheets serve as a 'teaser' to portray the company's investment highlights and corporate strategy. These fact sheets are typically utilized to simplify the Company's business model for investors that are hearing about the Company for the first time. As with the corporate presentation, each fact sheet is tailored to the individual company's brand and designed to a professional standard.


A company's website is often the first place that investors will go to get a better feel for the company and to keep up-to-date with company developments. KCSA Cannabis believes that working towards improving the functionality, content and overall 'look and feel' of its clients' websites can significantly enhance a company's shareholder communications program. We are committed to making sure our clients maximize the impact of their websites and maintain Reg FD compliance with the SEC.

KCSA Cannabis undertakes a comprehensive review of its clients' Investor Relations Websites, and provides our clients with recommendations to help improve the content, structure and layout of their IR pages. If a complete overhaul of the website is necessary, KCSA will make introductions to web developers that specialize in IR sites and will work alongside them to ensure that the website meets a high quality standard.