A Muscle Shake for Marijuana

Innovation in cannabis farming is picking up. Alan Lien, Co-Founder & President at Solis Tek, was with our own Alyssa Julya Smith at the Cannabis World Conference to share how his company is changing the way marijuana is cultivated. Lien discusses his lighting and nutrient products which are helping growers increase their yield at lower costs.

Succeeding in the Cannabis Industry Without Any Cannabis

Kush Bottles is a cannabis business capitalizing on the growing industry, without getting anywhere near plants or extracts. The packaging and supply company's quarterly revenue generated $4.7 million, up 103% year over year. CEO Nick Kovacevich says the company is riding a green wave of growth with its independence in the space.

A Ganja Guru’s Guide to Starting Your Own Pot Business

Medicine Man Technologies works closely start-ups to improve their cultivation efforts. Josh Haupt, Chief Cultivation Officer, joins Alyssa Julya Smith at the Cannabis World Congress & Business Exposition. Haupt, a.k.a. The Steve Jobs of Cannabis, is known for his unique method to growing marijuana that yields over three pounds per light bulb.